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Family Resources


Track how your children are earning schoolbucks as well as staying informed of their expenses (lunch, snacks, school supplies, swag, etc) 



Did you know that parental involvement is one of the greatest determining factors of student success? Learn how you can get involved in your child's education at Clay Academy. 


Our uniforms are stylish, comfortable, and a HUGE part of our school culture. Become familiar with our uniform policy and sport our swag with joy & pride!

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We are eager to hear your thoughts and ideas as we continue to evolve together!


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Parent-Teacher Association


  1. Attend our monthly PTA meetings

  2. Volunteer for upcoming school events 

  3. Help advertise and/or host a parent workshop

  4. Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences

  5. Spend time with Clay Academy's leaders at one of our Coffee Breaks held quarterly

PTA President: TBD

Please let us know if you'd like to get involved 

Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy

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We Want to Hear from You

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